Privacy Policy

No uploaded file is advertised to the public and no file can be accessed without its private address.

File Privacy

The name, type, contents, and origin of your file are not saved, reviewed, or analyzed. The only monitoring that takes place are our automated tallies of file uploads and our automated cleaning of expired files.

Transfer and Storage Security

We take appropriate possible security measures on our server in order to ensure the privacy and security of our user's data, and safeguard against the loss of data, inaccurate use of information, as well as file damage. Files saved for transferring are available for viewing only to our representatives or via the link that is given to the user who uploaded the file. Files saved on our server are deleted automatically after a certain period of time.

File Expiration

If selected during upload, all uploaded files are designated to expire at the point in time chosen (anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 week); after a file has expired, it becomes inaccessible to the public and is permanently removed from our systems. If a file has been set to never expire, then it will remain on our servers until it 30 days of download inactivity.